Marriage Celebrants

Marriage Celebrants is a title given to those people who are allowed by the law to perform marriage services. Their job is to conduct all the legal ceremonies related to marriage. The legal marriages require a registered celebrant to avail he services. A registered celebrant is authorized to conduct legal marriages under Marriage Act (1961). This job is associated with certain legal responsibilities. Unable to fulfill those may bring serious outcomes.

This article is intended for readers in Australia only. So we are going to follow and explain the procedures set by Australian government.

Brief Overview

For becoming a successful celebrant in Australia, you have to follow some steps. First, you will have to apply in order to get a certificate in Celebrancy, Certificate IV. This is a legal obligation and to complete this course one needs to go to a registered organization. You can’t proceed without having this certificate. After this, you will submit your application along with this certificate to the office of Attorney General. There you will be provided a set of questions to answer. These are related to the marriage processes and laws. Now the next step is to submit all these sets of documents to the Marriage Celebrant Registrar. After his approval on the documents, you acquire the status of being a registered marriage celebrant. After this you are able to take further training education on special subunits of Celebrancy like funerals, ceremonies, public speaking, legal elements, and presentations.

Each of these elements is broken down for a clear understanding.

Certificate IV in Celebrancy:

To attain this certification, you will have to attain the qualification in Celebrancy units via some registered training organization. It has 13 units in total. They are divided into 6 core and 7 elective units. You will have to complete a course in all the units through a properly registered organization that is offering the training.  After you are done then you can apply for becoming a marriage celebrant. Submit your certificate in the department of Australian Attorney General.

Fit and proper person’s test”:

This is another criterion for becoming a marriage celebrant. It is a set containing legal questions that you have to undertake. Attorney General’s staff under specific celebrants section manages this. They will assess whether you are a proper and suitable person to become a marriage celebrant or not. This comes under the 39C section of “Marriage Acts”. You have to visit their websites for getting familiar with the procedures before your appointment schedules.

Qualification for Certificate IV:

It will take almost about twelve months to complete this qualification. It teaches a set of skills, techniques, and knowledge required for becoming successful celebrants. Every person taking this program has a different learning speed so it may slightly vary with every person. It is further dependent on factors like time invested on the course, previous experiences and the self-devotedness for the program. It usually varies between nine to twelve months; the cost varies between hundreds to thousands of dollars

There are three ways this course is offered in.

  1. Traditional method:

There will be a tutor that will personally help you via emails or cellular contact. All the thirteen units will be covered and assessment is also included.

  1. Online method:

There will be an online center that will help you cover all those 13 units. Assessments must be taken as well to qualify further.

  1. Classroom Method:

This will be in the form of a classroom with the other students. You will get some assessments here as well.


After getting your certificate, you will have to submit an application form. The application form has its charges. You will have to submit that fee amount along with your application. If your application gets approved, you will be required to pay some additional charges every year. They are applied in the month of July every year.

OPD Requirements

This stands for ongoing professional development. It is composed of a set of elective activities and compulsory wedding activities. It takes 5 hours for this every year. You must be able to complete this. Failure to complete may result in disciplinary actions.

Conflict of Interest to business

There is a certain set of restrictions that are implemented upon marriage celebrants. Marriage celebrants are not allowed to give other wedding industry services and goods to their own clients. These include wedding rings, cars, and photography services, etc. This comes under 39C section of Marriage Acts.

Qualities of a celebrant

This demands that the celebrant should be over eighteen years of age. He or she has completed all the registration process with the registrar and should also have a good reputation in the community. They must be well familiar with all the legal procedures associated with marriages as set under this act.